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Role of the Teacher

The role of the teacher is that of a mentor. Eskom Expo for Young Scientists depends on teachers to distribute information about Expo to learners and to display notices about Regional Expos. Simply through their encouragement and support, enthusiastic teachers can inspire their learners to great achievements.

A teacher can guide learners through the stages of a scientific project and ensure their scientific approach.

Summary of the scientific method and engineering process:


Choose a topic or question.


Learners must submit their research plan to their teacher for approval before starting the project. Ethics needs to be considered at this point.


Do background research on the chosen topic to find out what has already been done on that particular topic. What does one need to know to answer the question?


What can the answer possibly be? Form a hypothesis/state the engineering goals.


Test the hypothesis/test the prototype/evaluate the prototype and redesign if necessary.


Draw conclusions based on the results of the testing.

Teachers should use the project as part of class work. When assessing the projects at school level, teachers must assist the learners in upgrading their projects so that they can successfully participate in a Regional Expo.

Individual projects are encouraged, but no more than 2 learners are allowed to work together on a project.

Teachers need to enter their students’ projects into a Regional Expo.

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