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What is Eskom Expo for Young Scientists all about?

Eskom Expo for Young Scientists (Expo) is South Africa’s primary and only existing science fair for school learners, where they have an opportunity to exhibit their own scientific investigations and engineering projects.

Eskom Expo brings together learners, teachers, professional organisations and educational bodies and governments from all over the world.

Eskom Expo for Young Scientists is proud to have 35 affiliated regions in South Africa in which learners participate.

By participating in Eskom Expo, learners will increase their awareness of the wonders of science and engineering, add to their knowledge and explore entrepreneurial possibilities, while broadening their scientific horizons.

Learners can enter their own individual projects, or a maximum of two learners can work together on a paired project. Learners may enter only one project at a particular Eskom Expo region per year. There are 24 different categories in which a project can be accommodated.

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