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Learners can enter one project in only one of the Eskom Expo regions per year.

Individual projects are encouraged; pairs are also allowed to work together on a project for regional competitions. There is a limit to the number of group projects at ISF.

Data must be from the same year as the Expo/ISF.

Not all gold medal winners at regional level will be selected to participate at the Eskom Expo International Science Fair.

Do not use branded products in the experiment – rather identify using the alphabet or numbers. The project will be disqualified if branding is include.

A standard set of judge’s criteria are used at Regional Expos and the International Science Fair. Please make sure to study the judge’s criteria before participating at Expo.

Please note that at regional and at the International Science Fair, the chief judge’s decision is final and neither discussion nor correspondence will be entered into.

Please note that participation at International Science Fairs in other countries is strictly for selected individual learners and invited Eskom Expo officials. No exceptions will be made.

It is compulsory that every learner has a signed copy of the research plan, code of conduct, plagiarism form and abstract in the relevant files.

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